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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Pack of 84 Waterproof Jar Stickers with black marker. Now no more confusion between sugar and salt. Label the daily diet mixes with ease with Pack of 84 waterproof reusable jar stickers which come with marker; size: 1.25x2.5inches. Organize your kitchen with the jar stickers. Now with the kitchen jar stickers, label kitchen containers with ease. Stickers have sturdy adhesive for long use. The stickers are made tear proof and durable. Maintain your diet plan according days by specifying days on the stickers. Use with juice bottles, oatmeal containers, name the diet mixes according to the days. Stickers made up of vinyl and have gloss finish.  Size: 1.25x2.5inch Material: Vinyl.


  • Vinyl Surface: The stickers come with a smooth vinyl surface. The vinyl is sturdy and has tear proof properties which makes it longer lasting. It is waterproof and safe in dishwasher and freezer. The vinyl is tear proof and does not leave any sticky residue even when wet.
  • Waterproof and Smudge proof: Safe for cleaning, doesn’t tear away while washing. Leaves no water marks or oil marks, the sticker remains as new as before. This pack contains heavy-duty, sturdy stickers that have a longer life. These stickers are made to sustain daily wear and tear due to rough handling and kitchen usage.