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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Enhance the aesthetics of your living space with the Rousrie Aesthetic Vinyl Pictures collection. Carefully selected, this collection offers 63 unique wall décor items that add a special touch to your home. Made from high-quality vinyl, these posters feature a glossy sheen that captures a purple-hue atmosphere flawlessly. Their matte theme and abstract designs are perfect for improving the ambiance of any area. Measuring 4 in. x 6 in., these prints are ideal for wall hanging, and with a 10 square foot surface size, they make a great addition to any living room.


  • PACK CONTAINS : The Rousrie Wall décor stickers come in a pack of 63 stickers. The size specifications are 4in x 6in per piece. These stickers are easy to use and apply because of their self-adhesive back strips.
  • EASY TO PEEL: It may be placed anywhere with ease and simplicity thanks to the simple peel-off. These home décor accessories will take your home to the next level with little time and effort. Make sure the surface is spotless and dust-free before applying stickers to it. Then, take off the wall decal and press it firmly onto the surface.
  • COST EFFECTIVE AND TEMPORARY: The stickers offer a reasonably priced and adaptable approach to adorn your property because you can quickly move or alter their placement. For renters or individuals who seek temporary décor solutions, they frequently provide an easy and quick alternative to traditional painting or wall papering.
  • AESTHETIC APPEAL: They give every space a vibrant, new energy that makes it aesthetically appealing. These stickers may show your own style and personality and be a terrific discussion starter. Bright and unique designs improve the room's overall visual appeal and make it memorable for both visitors and residents.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: High-grade glossy 300 GSM paper is used to create the Rousrie Wall Décor. The stickers have a lovely shining appearance thanks to the gloss coating. Additionally, it makes the stickers scratch-resistant, making them ideal for repeated use.