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The Rousrie New Born Posters come in a pack of 6 large-size posters that are appropriate for use in hospitals, new-born clinics, living rooms, and bedrooms. The posters feature adorable, giggly newborns, and their attractiveness is sufficient to make anyone's day better. The images are HD-quality photos with stunning color characteristics. The posters are created on 210 GSM high-grade art card. The standard dimension for posters is 11.50 x 8.50 inches.


  • HD PRINTING TECHNOLOGY: The vibrant and vivid colours are the testimony to the fact that the printing is done through imported printing machinery which gives a crisp and dynamic colour outcomes and an accurate colour reproduction, resulting in professional looking images.
  • EASY TO APPLY: The Rousrie New Born Baby Posters are pack of 6, each poster with a self-adhesive tape at the back. This non-drill poster is adored by all and is easy to arrange at home. The posters can be installed at home, hospitals and clinics.