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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Rousrie brings Manga posters to personalise your place with your favourite manga characters, scenes, and artwork from your beloved manga series. The manga posters add a touch of creativity and artistic enhancements to your home, adding to the overall aesthetics. Everyone loves manga posters! They're perfect for displaying your favourite scenes, whether you're into action, motivation, romance, or sentimental moments. You can trust that these posters are printed with utmost care, using only the best HD printing technology and high-quality imported machinery. Plus, they're made to last with durable and long-lasting paper materials.

  • Pack Contains: One pack of Rousrie contains 40 pieces of posters with size 7 x 10 inches. Make in India product is completely hand packed with love. The prints contain 40 unique designs on each poster. You can arrange them in any configuration that you desire to create a truly customized display.
  • Matte Finish: The Rousrie Posters have a complete Matte finish to them. It protects them from unnecessary glare and makes the texts and imagery visible in strong lights and removes glare. The matte finish is scratch resistant as compared to glossy surfaces. The print displays colour richness in matte format which is better than glossy sheets and surfaces.
  • Assorted designs: The manga posters are available in many different designs depicting action, mystery, romance, thriller in comic style. The designs are black and white matte finish. These assorted designs manga designs are bound to hit the nostalgic chords within you.
  • Evokes Nostalgia: Manga posters are loved by all adults and children alike. The people who spent their childhood with Manga will hit a wave of nostalgia with these manga posters which also makes them a good choice for gifting.
  • Premium Quality Material: Posters are made from 300 GSM thick art stock paper. The paper is thick unlike other poster stickers which flimsy and thin and tear away easily. The ink used is completely non – toxic. This set of 40 unique prints is hand-packed with love. This Make in India product will be loved by all.