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Product Description: Wanted to switch on the lights but accidently switched on the fan? Get switch stickers for easy recognition. The pack contains stickers for each and every appliance.  The transparent switch stickers serve as a utility as well as are visually appealing. Each sticker is 1.5 cm in length and breadth. The stickers come in 27 designs for every appliance meaning you can have switch stickers for 27 different appliances at your home. The pack contains 3 such sheets - you get total 495 stickers. It’s easy to install these stickers and they transform the look in no time. Decorate your home inside-out with these classy black switch board stickers. Grab your pieces now and get, set, indicate.   

  • Specifications: Each pack of switch stickers contains 3 sheets with 495 stickers on each. Each individual sticker is 1.5x1.5 cm in size. The stickers are black in color and have icons of different appliances printed in white. The stickers look perfect on the black switches.


  • Easy To Apply: Stickers are convenient to work with. The switch stickers are easy to put on. Easy to peel and apply technique takes much less time and leaves you with perfect identification icons for your switches. The easy-peasy activity of application can be done by anyone. First, peel off the desired sticker from the pack and then apply it on the required switch.


  • Stylish Look: The switch stickers need not be boring at all! These stickers give your switches a renewed and stylish look. The jet black stickers have a cool black look. The white printed icons are in perfect contrast and are easily visible.


  • Quality Icon Print: The stickers have icons printed in white. The icons are in perfect shape and are visually appealing. The icons are made easily identifiable with simple and regular designs that can be spotted effortlessly.


  • For Every Appliance: Did anyone say stickers for the switch? You will have a sticker for each and every appliance in your home. The pack contains 27 different types of stickers that means you get stickers for 27 different types of appliances in your home. From television sticker to fish tank, set top box and prayer room, the Rousrie Switch stickers have one for every appliance. -