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Product Description: Introducing the Rousrie Anime Posters - a collection of 20 vibrant Manga posters. These posters are printed on sturdy card stock that is 1mm thick, and each poster measures 7x10 inches in size. What's more, these posters come equipped with a self-adhesive tape strip for easy application on any wall. The matte finish of the wall decor ensures a high-quality HD print with varied designs in black and white. The posters have minimal text and focus mainly on captivating imagery that kids will love. These posters will provide an engaging and playful experience for kids and are a perfect replica of the manga comic books that children adore. Transform your home into a Manga heaven and give your kids the joy of experiencing their favourite stories come to life!

  • CONTAINS: When acquiring an anime wall décor pack, you will receive a collection of 20 anime wall posters, each featuring a high-resolution matte finish. These pieces measure 7x10 inches, and when arranged together, they cover an area of 3x3.3 ft. You have the flexibility to arrange them in any display format that suits your preference.
  • HD PRINTS: The printing machinery that we import is designed to produce striking and lively colours that showcase the use of advanced HD printing technology. With this technology, the final output boasts sharp and dynamic colours that guarantee precise colour replication, resulting in images that look truly professional.
  • MATTE 300 GSM PAPER: Our posters are crafted using premium printing materials, specifically matte 300 GSM paper, to guarantee the highest quality. We meticulously attend to every detail, ensuring that each of the 24 pieces are printed with precision and care. The matte finish of our posters is intentionally designed to minimize shine, which enhances readability and allows for easy viewing of colors and designs from any angle, without any distractions.