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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Rousrie introduces Manga Anime Posters. Unleash your love for Manga with this set of 40 high-quality, matte-finished posters. Each poster measures 7x10 inches, perfect for showcasing your favourite Manga moments and scenes. Not only this, the posters come with a self-adhesive characteristic that makes it rental-friendly and quick to set up. The manga posters are loved by everyone. Posters have assorted scenes ranging from action, motivation, romance, sentimental. Anime posters included are Jujutsu Kaisen, Naruto, Ghoul, One Piece, Tokyo Revenger and many more. The posters are 300 GSM paper made and HD printed with imported printing machinery.  Grab your pieces now and bring home the anime magic for the anime –enthusiast in you.


  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: By investing in an anime wall décor package, you'll receive a complete set of 40 anime posters that will perfectly complement your walls. Each poster features a high-resolution matte finish and measures 7x10 inches. They are designed to fit well together and are a Make in India product. You can arrange them in any configuration that you desire to create a truly customized display.
  • MATTE FINISH: The Rousrie posters are made to stand apart. The matte finish displays the images and texts without the glare. They can be viewed from any angle without any reflection unlike shiny, glossy material poster. The matte finish is more resistant to scratches and scuffs compared to glossy surfaces. Also the matte preserves the original colours of the artwork without intensifying or altering them.
  • HDR PRINTS: The prints are truly HD quality, printed through imported printing machinery. The prints have a professional and polished look, and are resistant to fading, ensuring the posters maintain their longevity. The prints from the imported machinery are high-quality, flawless prints.
  • RENTAL-FRIENDLY DÉCOR : Looking for a stylish yet practical way to decorate your home? These posters are a popular choice for those who want to spruce up their living space without the hassle of drilling holes or committing to permanent decor. Ideal for temporary or rental-friendly decor options, these posters are easy to arrange and sure to impress.
  • YOUR GIFTING SOLUTION: If you or someone you know is a fan of anime, you'll be thrilled with this collection of posters. The Rousrie Manga Anime poster pack comes with festive packaging and options for gifting, which makes it the perfect present to send to anyone. For anime enthusiasts, these posters are more than just decorations - they are treasured keepsakes with emotional significance.