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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Rousrie Anime Posters are a pack of 20 Manga Posters. These posters are made up from 300 GSM thick card stock. Each poster is 7x10 inches. The Rousrie posters are self-adhesive with tape strip at the back of each of the poster. The wall décor is matte in finish and is in HD quality printing. The imagery is high resolution and has varied designs in black and white. The text is minimum and the images are the major component of the posters that way it is easy and enjoyable for kids. It would be and entertaining and playful experience for them.  These posters are perfect replica of the manga comic book loved by children. Transform your home with these manga posters and create a live experience of manga for your kids.

Bullet points:

  • Product Contains: When you purchase a pack of anime wall décor you get a set of anime wall posters with 20 pieces. Each piece has a matte finish and is printed in high resolution. Size of every item is 7x10 inches. In total the whole set covers an area of 3x3.3 ft. you can place them in whichever display form you like.
  • Premium Quality Material: The Rousrie manga posters are made from A plus grade material. The 300 GSM paper is thick and firm unlike other posters which are fragile and get torn easily. The thick card stock is a classy and high quality material. The printing is bleed free, clear and crisp HD quality. The prints are HD quality and come in a high resolution black and white colours.
  • Self-Adhesive Posters: The Rousrie manga wall décor is super easy-peasy to set up. The manga comic illustrated posters can be applied by even kids. To place the posters, clean the surface wherever it has to be placed, then remove the peel from the back and apply it to the surface.
  • HD Printing Technology: Manga posters are here for quality printing. The HD print on each of the card makes it a premium quality product. The print is high resolution and clear and does not have a blur reflections. The printing machinery is imported and high resolution which results in crisp and vibrant images, sharp text, accurate colour reproduction, resulting in professional looking images.
  • Varied Designs: A pack of anime posters will get you varied designs and snippets from popular anime series ranging from romance, action, mystery, from all the famous manga characters and series like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, Spy X Family.  Each card depicts a different comic scene from the movie and series.